01 Status review and achievements of the cooperative research programs in animal production, 1983-2006
R. Rouvier, Y. S. Cheng, J. P. Poivey, C. T. Wang, and C. Tai
02 A long term selection for the duration of fertility in the intergeneric crossbreeding of ducks
Y. S. Cheng, R. Rouvier, J. P. Poivey, H. L. Liu, S C Huang, Y. C. Huang, C. W. Liao, J. J. L. Tai, and C. Tai
03 Vitrification of caprine embryos in microdrops
J. C. Huang, H. H. Lin, J. S. Wu, P. H. Tang, D. G. Wang, and B. T. Liu
04 In vitro production of ruminant embryos: results, limits and perspectives
P. Mermillod, Y. Locatelli, D.T. Rosenn, S. Uzbekova, G.Baril, F. Guignot, C. Perreau, N. Poulin, J. L. Touzé, S. Pennetier, B. Schmaltz , and Y. Cognié
05 Effects of genotype, age and nutrition on intramuscular lipids and meat quality
E. Baeza
06 Genetic variation of chicken technological meat quality
E. L. Bihan-Duval, C. Berri, J. Nadaf, M. Debut, V. Brunel, C. Beaumont, and M. J. Duclos
07 Effect of dietary conjugated linoleic acid on the growth, carcass characteristics and meat fatty acid composition for TLRI Black Pig No.1
T .M. Su, C. F. Liu, S. F. Wu, and C. W. Liao
08 Results of the INRA research concerning duration of fertility of the common duck (Anas Platyrhynchos)
J. M. Brun, F. Dubos, M. M. Richard, N. Sellier, and J.P. Brillard
09 Selection studies for 15 generations of Muscovy duck (Cairina moschata) in Duck Research Center
Y. H. Hu, R. Rouvier, J. P. Poivey, H. C. Liu, and C. Tai
10 Nervousness or fearfulness and social behaviour in male mule ducks: a update review
D. Guémené, M. D. Bernadet, E. Fournel , D. Val-Laillet , S. Bouy, I. Arnaud , E. Gardin, C. Larzul , S. Grasteau , G. Guy, and J. M. Faure
11 Taiwan Country Chicken: a slow growth breed for eating quality
Y. P. Lee
12 Integrative poultry biology:current approaches and prospects for France-Taiwan collaboration
M. Tixier-Boichard
13 Selection and utilization of indigenous mini-pig
H. P. Chu
14 Lessons from the use, in France, of major genes controlling production and health traits in livestock
J. M. Elsen, and I. Palhière
15 Eggshell matrix proteins and natural defenses of the egg
J. Gautron, and Y. Nys
16 Microsatellite DNA markers for duck (Anas platyrhynchos and Cairina moschata)
M. E. Christel, F. Katia, G. Carine, C. Gaëlle, V. Florence, and V. Alain
17 Cryopreservation of Landese gander semen
F. Dubos, F. Seigneurin, M. M. Mialon-Richard, I . Grasseau, G. Guy, and E. Blesbois.
18 Alleviation of heat stress for Holstein lactating cows in hot summer by a wet-padding barn
T. F. Shiao, C. F. Lee, D. W. Yang, H. F. Lee, C. H. Hsieh, and S. N. Lee
Swine nutrition, physiology and carcass quality
19 Acclimation to high ambient temperature in growing pigs: effects of breed and temperature level
D. Renaudeau, E. Huc, M. Kerdoncuff, and J. L. Gourdine
20 Estimation of genetic parameters for rectal temperature in lactating sows its association with performance : preliminary results
J. L. Gourdine, and D. Renaudeau
21 Effect of dietary supplementation with fermented soybean meal on growth performance, lipids metabolism and immunity of TLRI Black Pig No. 1.
T. Y. Hung, T. M. Su, C. F. Liu, C. W. Liao, and J. J. Lu
22 Research of the relief of heat stress on the reproductive performance of breeding pigs- a preliminary report
C. W. Liao, F. C. Liu,  A. L. Hsu, H. F. Lee, T. M. Su, C. B. Hsu, and Y. H. Jea
23 Effect of L-carnitine fed during gestation and lactation on reproductive performance of TLRI Black Pig No. 1 sows and litter performance
C. W. Liao, C. F. Liu, S. F. Wu, and T. M. Su
24 Application of ultrasound technology on carcass composition traits in Landrace and Duroc boars
L. L. Lo, R. S. Lin, T. H. Huang, H. L. Tsou, and N. C. Lin
Lipid metabolism, muscle growth and nutrition of poultry
25 A comparative study of adipose lipid metabolism and egg yields of chickens
C. H. Wang, C. F. Chen, Y. P. Lee, and C. L. Chen
26 The effect of sex-linked dwarf gene on muscle growth in chickens
C. S. Chang, Y. H. Chen, C. F. Chen, M. Tixier-Boichard, and Y. P. Lee
27 Effect of dietary supplementation probiotics on growth performance and intestinal microflora in broiler
S. Y. Lin, T. Y. Hung, and J. J. Lu
28 Incoporation of vitamin E into n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids enriched duck eggs
T. F. Chen, and J. C. Hsu
Reproduction in duck
29 Isolation and characterization of microsatellite markers in Tsaiya duck
M. C. Hsiao, Y. C. Hsu, Y. H. Hu, S. H. Li, S. R. Lee, and S. C. Liu
30 Quantitative trait locus (qtl) detection for duration of fertility in common duck (Anas platyrhynchos) bred for mule ducks
C. W.Huang,  M. C. Huang, H. L. Liu, Y. S. Cheng, Y. H. Hu, and  R. Rouvier
31 The gene and genotype frequencies at DNA microsatellite loci of Brown Tsaiya ducks (Anas platyrhynchos) selected for the duration of fertility
C. W. Huang, Y. S. Cheng, R. Rouier, K. T. Yang, C. P. Wu, and M. C. Huang
32 Electrophoresis of Tsaiya duck eggshell proteins and their cross-reaction with hen¡¦s anti-ovocleidin 17 antibody
J. F. Huang , M. C. Hsiao, C. C. Lin, Y. Nys, Y. N. Jiang, J. Gautron, T. F. Shen
Gene in laying geese
33 The expression of pituitary gland genes in laying geese
C .F.Yen, H. W. Lin, J. C. Hsu, N. C. , T .F. Lin Shen, and S. T. Ding
Animal genetic resource and forage
34 Metagenomic library of microbial genetic resources in animal farm
R. B. Liaw, M. P. Cheng, T. S. Hsiao, M. C. Wu1, and C. Y. Lee
35 Forage production and utilization in Taiwan
F. H. Hsu

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

36 Overview of the TARI-INRA cooperative research in agricultural science
C. A. Chang
37 Challenges to forest ecological research and management
H. B. King
38 Genetic resources, marker assisted selection and new perspectives provided by genomics for melon
 M. Pitrat
39 Sex determination and sex differentiation in tilapias
J.F. Baroiller, H. D¡¦Cotta, E. Bezault, J.P. Coutanceau, C. Ozouf-Costaz, A. Cnaani, T. Kocher, E. Pepey, A. D¡¦Hont, G. Hulata, B. J.N. Volff, D. Bienvenu, and B. Chevassus
40 Fish cathelicidins: novel antimicrobial peptides identified in rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss and Atlantic salmon Salmo salar
C.I. Chang, and C. J. Secombes
41 Adaptation to extreme salinity variation in tilapias
H. D. Cotta, E. Pepey, M. Tine, and N. Ouattara
42 Forest research at INRA. Facing the challenges of climate change
J. M. Guehl

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