The Relationship between Indigenous Animals and Humans in APEC region

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Letter from Editors

Buffalo Thai Swamp Buffalo General Information 3
Cattle Indigenous Bali Cattle: The Best Suited Cattle Breed for Sustainable Small  Farms in Indonesia 21
Image of Taiwan Cattle 37
Like Cattle, Like Industrial Culture 59
Cattle Genetic Resources in Japan: One Successful Crossbreeding Story and Genetic Diversity Erosion 71
Chicken Japanese Native Chickens 91
Pig The Role of Pigs as a Meat Source in the Environment and Human Culture 119
Quail The Japanese Quail 143
Appendix 1: Agricultural production indexes of major countries 165
Appendix 2: Distribution of employed population by industry 171
Appendix 3: Economic growth and per capita income, and industrial origin of gross domestic product in Chinese Taipei 174
Appendix 4: Industrial Origin of Gross Domestic Product in Chinese Taipei 176
Appendix 5: Per capita annual food availability in Chinese Taipei 178
Appendix 6: Per capita daily nutrient availability in Chinese Taipei 180
Appendix 7: Quantity of livestock production in Chinese Taipei 182
Appendix 8: Unit price for livestock products in Chinese Taipei (Unit price: NT$/kg)


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