He Cyuan Dairy Breeding Farm
Chen, Guang Syong

He Cyuan Dairy Breeding Farm

By  Chen, Chih Yi TLRI HCBS

    According to the Improvement plan (DHI) based on the operational efficiency of the dairy group shows : Pingtung County, is the most number of dairy farmers and testing cattle in DHI plan, in a total of 58 farmers and 4362 cattle (June, 2003), at 20.1 percent of a total 21705 cattle participated in milking for the month, the 305-2X-Me performed good, its estimated average of milk is 6771 kg, Pingtung is sort of an important cattle county . The interview was made for Mr. Chen Guangxing, located in Banten, Pingtung County's dairy farmers, Mr. Chen's ranch got into the list with several reproductive performance in the first published “ the reproductive efficiency Ranking List in the winter and spring “ in DHI2002 June (49th ), the result is outstanding, such as farm number " 33 ", got the 14th place with 669 days outstanding performance in “ age of having first baby Ranking List ”, in the two reproductive performance of “ the time between each fetus in 5 ~ 10 years old producing cow Ranking List “ , and “ the period between mating and delivery Ranking List “, the farm number " 237 " and “ 474 " respectively entered into the list with good performance of 351 days and 31 days. In addition, in the “ proportion of beginning cattle production in winter and spring Ranking List “, Mr. Chen won the 25th place with the primiparous 55.4% of the ratio, “ the spring delivery ratio of the winter/spring producing cow Ranking List “, he got the 36th place with 71.4 percentage. These excellent results is accompany with hard working and fully dedication.

Successful operating motto "spontaneous self-love"

    With DHI Pingtung area counselors Mr. Li Xinfang’s assistance, leading me to the Township of Pingtung Kanding and Wanten, which Chen, Guang Syong’s ranch located. Flowers and trees are in the front door of the ranch, green beauty decorated, a signboard “ Zhenxiang Ranch ” stands on the door, with the green and fresh grass swaying in the wind on wandering grassy path, it is just like an amazing countryside picture flu into my eyes. Meanwhile, Chen, Guang Syong approached with brimming look, and chatted with regards to us, his enthusiasm made me feel warm, this exclusive interview tour started with a happy atmosphere. Mr. Chen said that he was always thinking about his ranch’s improvement and management, he made all his efforts on running his ranch business, disregarded how much he paid. For example, the wall painted with black and white dairy cattle pattern instead of the original solid black color, the colorful wall suddenly lit up the ranch, also catches visitors’ eyes. In addition, the original calves barn was too close to the front entrance, in order to avoid calves reducing immunity and suffering infection through people and vehicles access the entrance frequently, now Mr. Chen adjusted the position and builded a new calves barn. To his family, he also takes care of everything as possible as he can, the ranch - "Zhenxiang Ranch” is merged named of his eldest son, Chen Guozhen, and third son, Guoxiang, revealed full love of his beloved son. On the wall is a huge red inscription - "spontaneous self-love", expressed the motto of his family management direction, each members embrace this power, wearing the same gray uniform, full of energy, radiant, greet to work from sunrise everyday, discuss with each other, help each other if they found some difficulties, the operating conditions is aggressive, it is a family full of care and love.

Taiwan's first application for registration "cattle farm"

    Mr. Chen pointed out that in 1986, he was originally a farmer, he worried about such pesticides might damage his health and couldn’t take care of his children, he made his mind to convert his runway, and invested the farm business. In May, 1987, at the early stage of operation, he took CAF loans and mutual fund-raising to get money, and bought 15 cattle from Wei Chuan Foods Corporation established in Banten region, after long term hard working, until today, his ranch has been reaching to the size of the 420 dairy cattle group, of which about 211 milking cows, the rest of the herd, were including alternate female cattle, such as 209, the ratio between both is nearly half, the performance is quite good. During this feeding process, the number of cattle and operating income can gradually be strong. Except to their serious and persistence, they also keep good relationship and well communication with Mr. DHI counselors Lixin Fang. Mr. Chen had been to abroad (USA, Canada, etc.) to participate cattle auction just to get the information and knowledge about cattle performance and auction process, more important, he always uphold the intentions of higher goal, spent a lot of time to contact with Livestock Research Institute, Hsinchu Branch, Dairy Association of ROC, Pingtung University of Science and Technology Research and academic institutions interaction, to learn new livestock knowledge and skills (Chen, Guang Syong served as director of the Dairy Association in Taiwan).

    Chen, Guang Syong is the president of Wei Chuan Foods Corporation satellite Ranch Association, on behalf of more than 200 families of dairy farmers to do some public welfare work. He said that the director of HCBS, Wu Mingzhe, taught him a lot, - such as the " breeding high quality summer dairy cattle with the characteristic of resistant of Taiwan’s hot and humid “ , " the concept of the ranch income came from 80% of selling raw milk and 20% from selling breeding cattle ", “ good quality of female cattle for exporting " , so that he transformed his farm operation type from the dairy cattle husbandry field into the breeding cattle husbandry field, and changed the farm registration certificate, to become Taiwan's first " cattle farms ." In order to comply with Taiwan's cattle farm management, he put his sprint on running his farm in accordance with the cattle farm operating principles, in the breeding field, he followed to the DHI plan to strengthen low-yielding cattle elimination to conform with the entire female herd milk average towards the target of 9000 kg, also introduced the government’s approval frozen semen to improve cattle quality, meanwhile, apply for the birth registration and pedigree login of earners cattle, and proceeded the test of 6 months female cattle’s appearance and health checks. In feeding technology, his goal includes : focus on the sport facilities for female cattle’s growth and development, well utilize the estrus period or ovulation to increase the management of the breeding efficiency, in order to achieve the goal of one cow with one tire every year, accelerate high-quality breeding cattle offspring output, with the biochip to detect mastitis pathogens, to get the mastitis pathogens (MPF field) certificate farm, as a business goal.

Operating principles and philosophy

    One of the purpose of DHI dairy farmers interview is to offer dairy farmers a corner to share and exchange with each other's technology and experience, to enhance cattle breeding standards, also to admit dairy farmers’ outstanding efforts, so that we could follow them and make Taiwan’s animal husbandry getting more and more strong. Now, allow me to bring everyone to know more about the operation philosophy, experience and technology of “ Zhenxiang Ranch “.

1. An emphasis on cattle breeding and management -

    The eldest son, Chen Guozhen explained, for towarding the direction of cattle farm business development, the effective improvement of cattle breeding is very important. He was responsible for the venue veterinary work, mainly to check cattle’s health and reproduction, normally, he evaluated cattle’s health status according to the DHI report “ milk quality test report form " and " cattle performance improved monthly report form “, In addition, he also used “ cattle dairy farm management operating system “ designed by Microsoft Visual FoxPro, and offered by Uni-President Company to evaluate and control the entire cattle. So that, including cattle records, data browsing, lactating dairy state, birth statistics and breeding elimination and health status of the traits are provided in detail, and then calculate and print the statements for reference. With the cattle body evaluation and detailed pedigree information, he made the update decision under “ the eliminated decision support systems “. Therefore, the dairy cattle they are raising, not only emphasis on milk production improvements, but also emphasis the improvement of dairy cow's body size, while those all related with cattle’s useful year age and management traits, in the future, when the dairy cows are trading, with good body size and high milk genetic rate are naturally popular for those buyers.

2 high-quality raw milk and milk harvesting automation -

    The second son, Chan Kwok was in charge of milking, hooves repairing and reproduction. He pointed out that in order to reduce the raw milk somatic cell count, and to create high-quality fresh milk, he carried out the work of the milking automation, they built the balanced milk squeezing room, there are only three sets in Taiwan, the biggest advantage of this squeezing room is each cow has a modest space in the milking, and also shortens the distance for operators walking back and forth in the milking, and to increase the cattle flow rate, under and comfortable and relax conditions, cattle is having the greatest potential of milk output. This set of advanced facilities are also including : Outside each milking station equipped with electronic sensor devices, and computer servers to connect on-line, so it can display included : milking time, milk quantity, flow control, automatic cleaning information, further, the “ breast automatically allocation instrument “ can quickly diagnose the breast in high body cell count based on the conductivity changes, together with a manually CMT testing, can be quickly diagnosed which cattle in which breast is in need of treatment and to avoid high body cell count entering to milk.

3 feeding and management technology to take care of the herd health -

     Chen, Guang Syong explained to me in detail about the cattle reared elite strategy, these methods are including - intensive and detailed observation of cattle estrus, in order to improve breeding efficiency, expanding cattle’s playground to reduce the chance of cattle hoof disease, planting fresh good quality Napier grass with TMR for cattle to offer adequate nutrition, using rubber cushion for cattle to rest comfortably, using a powerful fan and water spray to reduce summer heat stress, utilizing birth regulation to make female cattle producing milk in summer, proceeding Bovine’s body evaluation and choose carefully the fine frozen semen to improve the cattle quality , using the computer management system to pay attention to postpartum estrus records and breeding situation. Summing up the above, whether it is a “ cattle data “, the “ breeding record “, “ mating record “, “ health record “, “ milk records “, “ raw milk quality ", “ body score “, “ cost analysis “ ..etc, those detailed project should be noticed in cattle farm operating, and applying these complete cattle dynamic information to control the herd in order to achieve the decision analysis, to reach the purpose of reducing costs and improving quality.

To hope for Taiwan dairy industry flourishment –

    At the end of the interview, I asked his view of industry policy related to dairy farmers, Chen, Guang Syong said that in the second year of Taiwan’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), the domestic dairy market, regardless of industry, government, school organizations or groups all made their efforts to reduce the impact from dairy market competition, everyone worked so hard. However, just because he is a not only a dairy farmer, but also a director of Republic of China Dairy Industry Association, in the governing coordination of domestic dairy agricultural and dairy factory complex affairs, he is always able to sympathize with dairy farming’s voice, and he still hope that dairy policy can be more complete and make up the deficiency, for example, when the government imported liquid milk, there is a small part of importing long time reserved milk and milk powder impacted the fresh milk market, but due to there is no security policy for the importing liquid milk and the local milk production, no obvious label segment and no other supporting measures, so that the local raw milk market was also be effected. Therefore, the “ fresh milk mark ” is still a way to separate the importing milk production, and thus a good way to protect the consumers to buy one hundred percent of the fresh pure dairy production. In addition, the winter surplus milk production acquistion between dairy product manufacturers and dairy farmers is also a serious problem, the reason is, dairy farmers worked hard throughout the year to produce high quality and excellent fresh milk to take care of everyone’s health, in the business operation, they always use the higher quality imported forage or automated machinery and equipment, for sure the operating costs went up, therefore, the agricultural authorities should establish complete policy to solve the problem of the season sales, to avoid the dairy farmers suffering great losses because of products’ sales and price problem.