Ruei Ji Dairy Breeding Farm
Syu, Cheng Bao

Ruei Ji Dairy Breeding Farm

    The graceful and leisurely pastoral rural landscape, the small trails crosses by, the pond water is quiet, along with zigzag paths, suddenly a new scene appeared in front of our eyes, golden sunshine spilled over flowers, shimmering sparkling, floral scent everywhere, it is unbearable to see the scene vanished, this is what I saw when I went to Dayuan Township, Taoyuan County in the late October to interview with Ricky Dairy Farm, along the green polish with beautiful scene, the sunflower was blossoming all over, just like the poetry praise. The purpose of this trip is to interview with the dairy farmer – Syu, Cheng Bao, who won the most recent two year ( 91 and 92 ) “ dairy pasture evaluation five plum highest honor, ( Ranch Name : Ricky Dairy Farm ).” Dairy pasture evaluation Award represents the industry image, and the glory of the management capabilities and the competitiveness of the business, so I was eager and excited to make a detailed introduction of this high level Taiwan dairy farm for readers. Here I would like to thank Mr. Qui Peidun, with the courtesy of DHI, Mr. Qiu’s enthusiastic assistance, so that I can complete this interview and photography smoothly.

The origin and process of dairy cows business -

    Ricky Dairy Farm was established in 1983, while Mr. Syu Tieji chanced to meet cattle doctor, Mr. Jiang Zheng wei who just completed his studies and came back from the United States, under his teach and encouragement, also with the Manager of KuangCHuan company, Mr. Wang’s support, Mr. Syu imported 20 pregnant female cattle from Australia in the same year, from this moment on, he entered to the gate of Taiwan dairy farming industry, than imported more improved strains of Holstein from New Zealand, the United States, Canada and other regions, he was diligent in his work and accumulated experience, gradually make their feeding techniques more mature, finally expanded to 170 cattle. After the eldest son completed the military service, Mr. Syu decided to hand over his cattle business to the second generation, so his two sons, Mr. Syu, Cheng Bao and Syu Cheng Hao started to operate dairy farm business together, The Syu brothers also lived up  expectations, whether in the project management services, including artificial insemination, cut the hoof, milking, and information management, and TMR deployment of feeding, they accumulated experience from the basic learning, and subsequently applied their learning to improve pastures business operating details, towards the goal of enterprise management. Under this positive intentions, in addition to pasture management team, now the total cattle numbers are up to 245, and owns 15 hectares of Panglo grass, with grass automatic harvesting machinery, automatic computer feeding, flow measurement automation and advanced management of the milking equipment connections, computer cow, data management systems and remote network video systems, these technological equipment management make their operating effectiveness an outstanding appraisal in the pasture evaluation.

Complete personnel and financial systems, improve operational efficiency -

    With Mr. Cheng Baoh Syu as the expertise of the management of agricultural enterprises, and therefore he put into practice what has been learned, used the concept of enterprise management to the business of dairy farms, and combined with field practices, thereby he enhanced the operational efficiency of the dairy industry. The main structure of the employees are mostly part-time workers, they are young, energetic, work quickly and efficiently, except to earn the salary, learn the operation of the farm and the problems solution, also provided them the power and space to grow up and learn. In the personnel management system, the primary subject is to implement the division of labor, in order to stimulate the morale of the team, each employee wears the same clothing logo, symbolizing the spirit of enterprise of the Ricky Dairy Farm, so regardless of milking, breeding, nutrition integration operation, health and other matters completed in outstanding efficiency. The combination of computer and information management in the financial system, recording the cost of overhead and cost analysis to achieve the highest business effectiveness.


Adjust the proportion of winter and summer milk to meet market demand -

    After Taiwan became a WTO Member countries, the milk market faced the intense competition from foreign dairy products, many dairy farmers have been unable to improve their effectiveness from animal husbandry, In addition, the problem of Taiwan's high temperature and humid in summer, surplus milk in winter, and the three-stage dairy factory pricing problem, forced dairy farmers  to be strong and having competitive ability to continue their business. Mr. Syu said that dairy farmers not only have to enhance milk production and milk quality, but also have to considerate strengthening efficiency of cattle breeding management, in order to meet the stringent requirements of summer and winter milk ratio of 30% and 70%. For example of his farm, since 1999 to 2003,  the summer milk production is in the average rate of 70.93% for the whole year,   as shown in Form 1, it increased year by year, In addition, in order to improve the efficiency of cattle breeding, he took primiparous cattle to mate during May to August, adjusted the birth regulation of producing cows during May to December, reduced the problem of winter surplus milk, meet the needs of the ratio of incoming milk from the farm. According to DHI information of October 1992 showed, the cows of Mr. Syu’s farm, the parity was 3.01 ± 2.29 fetuses, the detail of the breeding rate of calves and cow production rate were shown in Form 2, the primiparous months of age at an average of 28.3 ± 5.75 months,  the number requirement of mating for each pregnancy was 1.57 ± 0.94 times, and the reproductive efficiency was doing well, milk production at an average of 24.88 ± 5.47 kg, 305-2X-ME, milk production was 7633 ± 155 kg, Figure 1 is the performance of the average milk production of each month in 2003, and the performance results was excellent.

The use of automated equipment, the construction of the e-generation farm -

    The combination of automatic computer connections to squeeze the milk equipment and remote networks cattle video systems, Network cattle feeding has been making the e-generation farm no longer a dream. Mr. Syu pointed out that the safety and health efficient milking machine equipment is to ensure an important foundation for high-quality fresh milk, worked with the correct milking methods and procedures, the final goal is to make high quality fresh nutritious milk and to take care of consumers' health. He used Alfa Laval Agri dairy milking system for example, the main components of the Euro Tandem ( The high efficient cattle milking control equipment ), although the equipment is very expensive, but it included everything, like : cattle milking flow control, automation computer connection control, milk samples abnormal warning control, pipeline pipe cleaning equipment and dairy farm management operations. Cattle milking is in the comfortable and spacious 2 × 5 box type milking bar, quiet and low noise characteristics to create the best environment for cattle milking ; Maestro E automatic computer sensor module has low milk warning device, to remind workers not to over milking ; the most important thing for the ranch manager is put the cattle recording information in computer processing into useful information through the connection device for decision analysis as a reference index. The language of Alfa of Laval Agri dairy farm management operating system is English, but each of the options tab has a lovely and simple cattle action, so that the users understand the operation system easily, the main items are including “ the ALPRO sync “,” milk data “,  “ feeding record “, “ breeding record “, “ health record “ , and graphic analysis of the monthly milk production data output, it is simple and useful, it is also the best helper of Mr. Syu’s farm management.

   Mr. Syu said that the application of information technology to assist farm management, there is one more weapon : “ Remote Network cattle video system “, through the Intel ® Centrino mobile computing technology, infrared transmission and telecommunications networks, even driving on the highway he still can control the cattle estrus condition or any problem needs to solve or contact, simply just open the notebook via infrared wireless transmission, he can immediately combined with the home PC households, than connected photographic surveillance equipment set up in each barn, milking rooms, management office and other places, the image quickly returned to Mr. Syu’s car through the cattle video surveillance system, after Mr. Syu checked the real cattle situation, he made decision directly according to his understanding,  and gave orders to his staff to follow. Such advanced farm is actually E - Century farms, the network cattle was already formed.


The driving force behind successful companies -

    Mr. Syu, Cheng Bao described with great humility, today Ricky Dairy Farm has such good performance, full sprint with the dedication of family members and the team is one of the main reasons, but it is undeniable that during the  business setbacks and bottlenecks, technical support and guidance are the important promoters to make operating capacity going to the upper floor. He expressed with full of gratitude to thank scholars such as Mr. Weng Chenghong, director of the Livestock Research Institute, Mr. Wu MingZhe, the manager Mr. Chang Geelee, and county government agricultural authorities, their guide and delivery of animal husbandry, new knowledge and business philosophy, offered him a great help on his management ; the professor of National Taiwan University Department of Animal Science Mr. Syu Jitai taught him courses of ruminant nutrition, made him continuously enriching the new knowledge on dairy cattle nutrition, and benefit a lot on the practical application in dairy cattle feeding and management. Another DHI counselor Mr. Qiu Peidui, and his father, Syu, Cheng Baoand Mr. SyuTieji are old friends, he also provided a great of assistance for the farming affairs, He requested himself to keep on going, made his efforts to manage this business with new idea, so that he won’t make everyone disappointed.


Future vision and development -

For the future business vision and development of the Ricky Dariy Farm,  Mr. Syu said, the main direction for future plans, both of the business objectives are developing cattle farm and leisure farms. The concept of Cattle farm came from the guidance and instructions of the Livestock Research Institute, Hsinchu Branch, the director, Mr. Wu Mingzhe and manager Mr. Chang Geelee, that is in transition towards the mode of the cattle farm, the operation type is 80% of income from raw milk sale, 20% from breeding cattle  sale, on the one hand to sell raw milk, on the other hand to cultivate suitable cattle for the subtropical high milk, and to enhance dairy business efficiency by selling breeding cattle.  As the plan for the leisure farm is to solve the milk delivery quota restrictions and to enhance the additional value of dairy farm, so that by the way of opening leisure farm to let people understand more the operation of the dairy farm industry, further to establish the high quality brands of domestic fresh milk image, and at the same time transforming toward a leisure farm, also provided people a living textbook for the ecology teaching. Mr. Syu confidently said, he has the certain expectations and confidence for the dairy farming industry in Taiwan, he will aim to achieve the ideals and goals to establish a refreshing  e - generation farm, so that we just wait and see.

The expectations for dairy farm industry policy  -

     By the end of the interview, Syu, Cheng Bao pointed out that the management technology progressed a lot in recent years, the raw milk quality was improved, but the total milk consumption has not increased dramatically,  the pressure caused from surplus dairy products every year, it is the problem for both Taiwan dairy farmers and milk production factory hard to overcome, so how to let people try and drink fresh milk to eliminate surplus milk problem, it needs the industry and government to negotiate together, hoping agricultural authorities can discuss a win – win policy to help both dairy farmer and milk production factory resolving the milk trading problem over years, so that the dairy farmers who want to put into the dairy industry are having clear plans and objectives to toward the direction of sustainable management.