Wun Shan Dairy Breeding Farm
Huang, Bing Sen

Wun Shan Diry Breeding Farm

By  Lai, Ding Jing Dairy Association, Taiwan


    In Taiwan dairy farming history, nine out of ten of dairy farmers came from farming family.  They raised few cows In the beginning because of the agricultural background. Slowly profits from dairy farming is overriding agricultural plowing gradually. so the dairy farm scale is expanding day by day, the labor and funds focused in dairy farming is formed increasingly, in which, contrasting modern industry, just like slowly climbing up to the mountain lacking of vigor and the ambition. But, Wenshan Farm (Fig.1), located in Fubao dairy farmer specializing district, was totally different from the other farms. Similar to other modern enterprise, the farm owners, Mr. Huang, Fusuin and Mr. Huang, Bingsen (Fig.2), the 2 brothers operated their dairy farmers using the industrial philosophy and created their successful second career.

    In the past, Taiwan island had the label of a shoe-making kingdom. Changhua County was Taiwan's leading footwear distribution center. The Huang brothers got the zone advantage,  and devoted themselves very well in shoe-making, from young to middle-age.  Mr. Fusuin was the director of the domestic shoe-making leading factory,  Pou Chen Group. Specializing in the design of the soles processing, his family got involved into the shoes production business, worked together for the better shoes, and also created some prosperity.  In the eighties, the rise of the Mainland China market, attracting businessmen around the world, Taiwan's footwear industry also moved to the mainland China finally.  Mr. Fusuin faced the dilemma of leaving or staying.  Mr. Fusuin said : “ The fate of each person is different. We can't choose our fate, but we can choose others".  It's the trend to force us to change our ways,  and we should adapt to the environment and transform ourselves.  No matter how high the mountain, there will always be a way up. No matter how deep the water is, and someone still wants to ferry.  It would be better to swift the heavy responsibility into power of transformation to find a new career out. “


      Perhaps with business experience for years, he was calm and found out the steps for his new career.  He convinced that “ nothing is impossible as long as willing to do “; Just like that, one be the planner, the other be the pusher, these two brothers switched their investment into dairy farming(Fig.3). In the initial stage, because of Mr. Fusuin is having the deep experience of the footwear industry, so he was continually responsible for the ending steps of the family footwear career, and his brother, Mr. Bingsen was responsible for planning the establishment of farm.  Unlike traditional farmers, they devoted in the appropriate time for key points. The re-starting of the Huang brothers blueprint : “ looking for the market first, if the reliable orders existed, than can invest the production facilities.”  In fact, this is also the only key of winning. The Huang Brothers are the person who know the destiny.

With the action guidelines, Huang brothers fond a large customer, Taiwan Sugar Corporation(TSC), and signed a sale and purchase agreement ( MOU ) with TSC in 1993 .  Taiwan Sugar Corporation agreed to assist the Wenshan farm to import 72 pregnant heifers ( the Holsteins ) before the end of 1993, and up to one hundred in 1994, the second batch.  According to the MOU, the Wenshan’s raw milk production was purchased by Taiwan Sugar Corporation.

    With TSC gold standard supporting, the two brothers were like eating the gall of bear and heart of leopard. They were not afraid at all, and never considered whether having the basic cattle raising experience or not. Because they firmly believe that as long as willing to endure hardship, the technical theory will be overcome. Their shoe producing experience will be useful for learning new skills. Nothing is difficult to a man who wills. In this transition, he only can as soon as possible seek the new industrial values ​​and bring together family floating hearts, and focus on the survival work for living.

    Because of the practical experience in business, they were having confident in establishing the new farm.  The farm setting up was extremely smooth, and received agricultural authorities very soon(Fig.4).  The new steel constructed cattle barn was to replace view of rice field after then.

    The farm owner explained : in the second year, the original agreement with TSC should assist the Wenshan farm to import one hundred pregnant heifers, but because of the change of TSC manager, the new manager stopped the contract. The expectation of expanding the scale of operation can not be realized, but the busy life has a chance to take a break. Mr. Huang, Fusuin said : “ Contentment is a blessing “, meanwhile he described an incredible news in the farm : “ there were a mother cow delivered a calf, but it was not Holstein; it was a beef calf. “  Everyone couldn’t stop laughing after hearing this news ; later through the agent, Lu-Yi company, claimed to foreign exporters, and the exporters was willing to compensate for their losses.  Mr. Huang, Fusuin said : “ breeding cattle is very hard; one step and one print  have to rely on the sweat of irrigation; the sweating job is especially unforgettable; milk produced from our own cow is sweeter than others'. “  It is easy to see Mr. Huang, Fusuin’s personality is calm ad diligent.

    Mr. Huang, Fusuin said : “ The Wenshan farm is the youngest farm in Taiwan. “   Mr. Huang further explained : “ In 1992, the government approved the Wenshan to establish dairy farms; after then no new dairy farmer passed the application. Until now there is still constrained to the new farm application, because government protected the small dairy industry carefully. The Wenshan farm is belong to the Fubao dairy farmers in ChuanHua and is the farm closest to the village. The farm owner spent a lot time on planning this barn.  The barns is a extremely spectacular (Fig.5), the tall iron steel structures, a series of transom design on the central highlight of the roof (Fig.6), for the above dark area, setting up a translucent skylight device. There is no dead space in the entire barn; the neat large ceiling fan are all bright as new (Fig.7). Super-cool after the fans turning on, Mr. Bingsen said : ” it is cool with huge wind, it is prosperous with more cattle.”  The clear outline of each functional group area, and organization of cattle management, the farm became the most comfortable home for cattle.  Here, the cows are solid black and solid white, healthy and strong, with a happy look. 

    As long as paying more attention on the farm, you will be surprised to find all the pillars in the barn are made in round concrete (Fig.8). The corner is also a circular design, the design is to prevent the cattle injured. The pasted fine porcelain tile on the cattle feeding trough (Fig.9) let cows can eat easy and comfortable.  The cattle was fixed during the feeding time (Fig.10), to avoid snatching with each other, and also to take care for the weak calf. Wenshan farm is so flourish just because the owner takes care of every tiny parts in the farm. 

    Mr. Bingsen ; he is dark skin, bright personality, semantic humor, optimistic and aggressive. He recalled the beginning period of the farm. They were nervous because they had no cattle breeding practice experience, and also afraid of the unstable new business effected everyone’s living. He described the beginning experience of breeding cattle. Every day for him was just like sitting on tenterhooks, hard to fall in sleep every day. He worked cautiously, and never relaxed. People said : “ fool people has foolish luck, “ When the farm suffered the plight, the good friends, nice farther and son-Mr. Huang Tu mu and Mr. Huang De ren ( the owners of Wah Ren farms ), always gave them a hand without any hesitation. They also taught them the way of breeding cattle. Meanwhile, the veterinarian, Mr. Lu Guo hong also helped them a lot. The Huang brothers expressed their deep gratitude to those good friends.

    From the milk quality can examine farm's operation. Wenshen farm’s number of bacteria of raw milk is very low, less than 10 thousands.  The somatic cell count in each mL maintains less than one hundred thousands of in both summer and winter. In order to maintain such high quality raw milk, not only owning the health cows to raise, in addition, the working environment is extremely important.  Cleaning and wiping the milking parlor, the storage tank everyday, (Fig.11) replacing the clean filtering fabric every day, and replacing teat cup parts frequently, milking machine is maintaining a pressure of 12.5 lbs / of KBA.  Teat Dip is indeed after milking, and changes dip formulation routinely” ; because the raw milk quality of Wenshan farm is stable and reliable, the top election of Fuller Hokkaido milk specially selected Wenshan as one of the sources.  Wenshan farm owners feel truly proud of it.

    The sustainable development of the farm has been such an attractive concept for public. Wenshan farm particularly cares about the clean environmental, and they insisted on replacing new cattle bedding within four days, and immediately set out to the manure treatment plant.  Using the high- temperature to sterilize the farm cement part (Fig.12) to clean the barn, the intention of reducing-ammonia, nitrogen, methane gas is clear. The farm owner said : Here is a good place to listen to the cow sound, grass sound, and nature sound. Mr. Huang, Fusuin’s two sons, Mr. Huang Qing huang and Mr. Huang Qing hao (Fig.13) have been infected by this atmosphere, and decided to join their family team. Qing Huang and Qing Hao, the two brothers have chosen to work in their own farm, as a starting point for their own career, although they are young, only twenty years old, and not major in dairy farming, they are interested in farm working and devoted deeply. they have incisive analysis for cattle feeding and management. Mr.  Qing Huang said : “ Wenshan farm is more suitable to raise the larger Holsteins. If we raise Holstein imported from the United States, it might be smaller body size, less appetite, and less vigor in suffering of Fubao’s hot summer “ ; besides, he offers two tips especially for everyone’s reference : (1 ) “Different batches of Bermuda grass has different quality, unstable quality, and he suggests to shift to Sweet Oats alternative. The palatability is good, digestible and easy to absorb, the cattle defecation is beautiful. (2 ) “ For the selection of the semen,  mature bulls, with stable excellent performance and good body type, is the first choice. “

    Mr. Huang Qing Huang’s devotion to the farm is as good as his father and uncles.  The first time he attended the bovine artificial insemination workshop organized by the Livestock Research Institute, his grade was excellent and remarkable (Fig.14). In 1993, Wenshan farm won the four plum glory (Fig.15).