Chen Cing An Dairy Breeding Farm
Chen, Cing An

Chen Cing An Dairy Breeding Farm

    The owner of the Farm,Chen, Cing An , was borned in 1957, twenty years ago, with his uncle’s influence and his family’s support, he quit his profession as a plumber and entered the dairy farming business. Today, Cing An Farm is a success, due to the joint efforts of Mr. Chen and his brother, Mr. Chen, Cing Shin, and their faith in what they believed in. In addition, the assistance of the government, Taiwan Livestock Research Institute and other organizations, were also essential.

Present farm size and results:
    Cattle barn of 1,500 pings, 3 hectares of forage grass , total in 200 cows.

Experience and features:
    1. The feeding process in Cing An Farm is handled by Mr. Chen, Cing An himself, all according to the government’s policy. he looks after cattle with scientific methods, so the performance of milk production, the calving rate and the milk ratio of winter and summer are outstanding.

    2. Mr. Chen’s brother, Mr. Chen, Cing Shin is in charge of milk quality control, both brothers are responsible for their own duties, and help each other when in need.

Future development:
    Currently, Cing An Farm is still a small farm, goal at present is to expand farm scale and transform to a dairy breeding farm.