Lanyu Small-Ear Miniature Pig



Location of Conservation: Department of Animal Science
National Taiwan University
50 Lane 155 Sec. 3 Keelung Road
Taipei 10772 Taiwan Republic of China
Tel: 886-2-3630231 ext 2758
Fax: 886-2-7373428
Contributor: Mr. Yung-Yi Sung


Visible Characteristics


1.Pigs are solid black and piglets with glossy skin.

2.Face are slightly concave and long. Ears are small and erect.

3.Legs are very short and thick with strong pasterns.

4.Small body size. Less prolific. Good Maternal behavior.


5.Piglets are alert and boars have attack behavior under stress.

6.Sows with hanging belly and curving back.

7.Mature boars and sows all with stiff bristles.


Growth Performance

Birth weight: 0.77±0.08 Kg
Body weight at 3-week of age: 1.95±0.64 Kg
Survival rate at 3-week of age: 76.7±11.5 H

Reproductive Performance

Litter size at birth: 6.0±1.3 heads
Litter size at 3-week of age: 4.3±1.8 heads
Litter size at birth: 5.4 Kg
Litter weight at 3-week of age: 3.9 Kg