Water Buffalo (Swamp type)



Location of Conservation: Hwalien Breeding Animal Propagation Station

Taiwan Livestock Research Instituts

Hwalien, Twiwan

Republic of China

Tel: 886-38-525901

Fax: 886-38-523874

Contributor: Mr. I-Chang Shih


Visible Characteristics

  1. Black or dark brown skin. A white line beneath neck and throat.
  2. Like to soak in water, accept cparse food. Poor heat tolerance.
  3. White fromkneecaps down. Sweptback, crescentshape horns.
  4. Gregarious, docile.



Number of chromosomes: A

1, 5: Metacentric chromosome
2,3,4: Submetacentric chromosome
5~23: Acrocentric chromosome
X, Y: Acrocentric chromosome
Growth Performance Mean ± SD
Male birth weight 30.4±2.0 Kg
Female birth weight 29.5±0.7 Kg
Male Weaning]205 days old^weight@@ 172±17 Kg
Female weaning weight 150±13 Kg
Male yearing weight 235±24 Kg
Female yearing weight 306±34 Kg
Male body weight at 2-year old 415±23 Kg
Female body weight at 2-year old 398±30 Kg
Survival rate at 2-year of age 93H
Dressing percentage 50.2H


Performance Mean ± SD
Age at puberty 658±27 days
Age at first parity 938±26 days
Gestation length 321±7 days
Sex ratio at birth]male:female^ 1.11 : 1.00
Farrowing interval 409±50 days
Most frequent month for farrowing May to October
Plasm progesterone at luteal phase 1.52.0 ng/ml
Fecal progesterone at luteal phase 150200 ng/ml
Plasm progesterone at folicular phase@@ 0.40.8 ng/ml
Fecal progesterone at folicular phase 50100 ng/ml


Measurements Mean ± SD
Body length]the distance from the 126160 cm
@middle point between two earheads
@to tailhead^
Withers height ]the distance from 125137 cm
@shoulder-blades to ground^
Chest girth ]the circumference of 185215 cm
@chest which measured over back
@shoulder and foreflank^
Chest width]the widest area over the chest^@ 4149 cm
Chest depth]the height over the chest^ 6777 cm


Tooth Structure@ Mean ± SD
Age at 2 teeth 3244 monthes
Age at 4 teeth 4054 monthes
Age at 6 teeth 5160 monthes
Age at 8 teeth 5666 monthes