Black (Colored) Muscovy Duck



Location of Conservation: Ilan Research Station
Taiwan Livestock Research Institute
28-1 Jehsin village
Wuchieh, Ilan, Taiwan
Republic of China
Tel: 886-39-5031079
Fax: 886-39-501950
Contributor: Mr. Jang-Fang Huang


Visible Characteristics

  1. Bright red caruncles on face. The bill is pinkish white with three vertical bands of black.

  2. Crown feathers on head and neck, stand up when frightened or aroused.

  3. Drakes often fight over pecking order. Adults generallly have white patches on the wing covers, the breast and occasionally on the neck.

  4. The eyes are always brown and the bean always a solid black.

  5. Females are very broody, laying 1015 eggs in one clutch.

  6. Strong wings, can fly close to ground. Semiterrestrial, don't like to swim in water.


Growth Performance

Body wright at 10-week of age: 2.40±0.27 Kg(M) 1.66±0.13 Kg(F)
Body wright at 18-week of age: 2.95±0.37 Kg(M) 1.83±0.22 Kg(F)
Body wright at 28-week of age: 3.34±0.37 Kg(M) 1.99±0.19 Kg(F)
Body wright at 36-week of age: 3.56±0.29 Kg(M) 2.27±0.17 Kg(F)
Body wright at 52-week of age: 3.33±0.28 Kg(M) 1.94±0.19 Kg(F)
L.of 8th primary feather at 10 wk old: 14.2±2.3 cm(M) 16.6±1.1 cm(F)
L.of 8th primary feather at 18 wk old: 25.4±1.0 cm(M) 21.7±1.0 cm(F)
L.of 8th primary feather at 28 wk old: 24.6±1.6 cm(M) 21.6±0.7 cm(F)


Laying Performance

Age at first egg: 27 weeks
First laying period: 30 to 60 weeks of age
Laying month with over 50H hen-day egg production: February to May
Hen-day egg production from 27 to 114 wk old: 30H
Hen-day egg production from 27 to 114 wk old: peak at 36 wk old,61H
Egg weight at 30 wk old: 78.4 g
Egg weight at 40 wk old: 76.9 g


Living Habits

  1. Drakes sound only a hiss. Muscovy hens are easily to making a loud noise if frightened.
  2. Drakes fight for territory or social dominance.
  3. Usually can fly and rest upon the wall or heights.
  4. Move slowly with back and tail flat.
  5. Muscovy hen has good brooding behavior but alert to arousing.
  6. More resistant to poor management.
  7. Semiterrestrial, not favorite for paddling.