Blood sample taken from 
jugular vein of goats

@Centrifugation for 
aerum collection

Biochemical Laboratory: Hengchun Research Station
Taiwan Livestock Research Institute
1 Ranch Road, Kenting
Hengchun, Pintung, Taiwan
Republic of China
Tel: 886-8-8861341~4
Fax: 886-8-8861345
Contributor: Mr. Ruey-Chun Hsieh


Physiological Measurement of Goats

Blood Analysis

  1. Karyotyping with lymphocyte culture.
  2. Hematological analysis.
  3. Biochemical analysis of serum with eletrophoresis.

Hormone Analysis

  1. Hormone patterns for progesterone and estrodiol during the estrous cycle.
  2. Pregnancy diagnosis with progesterone EIA kits.
  3. Seasonal infertility by estrus detection and/or EIA kits.