Sperm of Black Goat


Location of Preservation: Hengchun Research Station
Taiwan Livestock Research Institute
1 Ranch Road, Kenting
Hengchun, Pintung, Taiwan
Republic of China
Tel: 886-8-8861341~4
Fax: 886-8-8861345
Contributor: Mr. Ruey-Chen Hsieh


Equipments for Semen Collection

  1. Portable electroejaculator (electricity rechargable), power switch on the right and electicity control button on the left.

  2. Electrode bar, the part inserted into the rectum.

  3. Lubricate, for lubrication the probe before inserting into rectum.

  4. Collected bar for penis to ejaculate semen.

  5. Centrifuge tube of semen collection.

Equipments for semen Cryopreservation

  1. Insulation container for semen prefreezing.

  2. Liquid nitrogen container for semen cryopreservation.

  3. Syringe for disposing constant volume semen into the straw

  4. Straw sealing powder

  5. Straw rack, the straw will put on it for prefreezing process

Protocol for Semen Cryopreservation

A. Semen Collection: With artificial vagina and electroejaculator.
B. Preperation of Cryopreservation Solutions:

Solution A (without glycerol):

154 ml sodium citrate solution (2.9%)
40 ml egg yolk

Solution B (with glycerol):

132 ml sodium citrate solution (2.9%)
40 ml egg yolk
28 ml glycerol


C. Microscopic Examination: Concentration, motility, abnormality. Adding antibiotics into semen before examination.

D. Dilution:

  1. Mix with semen and solution A in equal volume and equilibrate for at least two hours at 4 C.

  2. Mix with diluted semen and solution B in equal volume and equilibrate for four hours at 4 C.

E. Strawing: Semen was drawed into the 0.5 ml French straw and then sealed with straw powder. Cooling the sealed straw in ice water for a while, and then taking out the straw and wipe them dry for prefreezing process.

F. Prefreezing: Straws were put on rack evenly and add the liquid nitrogen into the insulation container. Straws were 5 cm above the level of liquid nitrogen for freezing.

G. Frozen with Liquid Nitrogen: Straws were then directly put into liquid nitrogen container for longterm preservation.