Sperm of Poultry

Native Chicken


Location of Preservation: Department of Animal Physiology
Department of Animal Breeding
Taiwan Livestock Research Institute
112 Farm Road
Hsinhua, Tainan 71210 Taiwan
Republic of China
Tel: 886-6-5911211
Fax: 886-6-5911210
Contributor:Ms. Jui-Jane Liu Tai, Ms. Hsiu-Chih Chung


Semen Collection

Semen collection of native chicken
Semen collection of Tsaiya duck
Semen collection of Chinese goose


Protocol of Cryopreservation of Poultry Sperm

Microscopic Examination@ @Dispensing of Diluted Semen
  1. Semen collection: hand massage

  2. Semen examination: concentration, motility, abnormality

  3. Semen dilution: glucose-egg yolk extenders with glycerol

  4. Semen dispension: dispensed into cryotubes

  5. Semen precooling: cryotubes put on the freezing rack for one hour on 5 cm above the surface of liquid nitrogen.

  6. Semen freezing: cryotubes put into liquid nitrogen

  7. Semen storage: plunge the cryotubes in Liguid Nitrogen container

Semen Precooling on 
a Freezing Rack