Sperm of Water Buffalo

Semen collection

Sperm of 
water buffalo

Location of Preservation: Hsinchu Research Station
Taiwan Livestock Research Institute
Hsinchu, Taiwan
Republic of China
Tel: 886-35-373073
Fax: 886-35-373701
Contributor: Mr. Shan-Lan Lee


Semen Collection, Examination
and Cryopreservation

  1. Semen was collected by artificial vagina. Ejaculation volume averages 2.6 +/- 1.5 ml; concentration of sperm averages 2.1 +/- 0.9 109/ml.
  2. Semen was packaged in 0.5 ml straw, cooling semen straw above the liquid nitrogen.
  3. Examination of semen quality by the transemembrane migration ratio method. The specimen of semen was cultured in 37 C water bath for three hours. If over 30% of sperm swim through the membrance, the quality is good.
  4. Using U-shape tube for isolation and purification of bacteria-free sperm.
  5. Comparison on bacteria growth culture between fresh semen (right culture) and U-shape tube treated semen (left culture).
  6. Electromicroscopic view on fresh semen, there is a diploccocci bacterium attached on spermatozoa (TEM, 6000X). With U-shape tube treatment, sperm is free of bacteria.