Lee-Sung Strain Pig



Location of Conservation: Department of Animal Science
National Taiwan University
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Taipei 10772 Taiwan
Republic of China
Tel: 886-2-3630231 ext 2758
Fax: 886-2-7373428
Contributor: Mr. Yung-Yi Sung


Visible Characteristics

  1. Adults docile.This strain was originated from Lanyu Small-Ear miniature pig and occidental Landrace Pig.
  2. Two-types of coat color:solid black,and white with black spots. Most have black spots on bridge of snout with erect ears.
  3. More prolific than Lanyu Small-Ear miniature pig. Good maternal behavior.
  4. Piglets extremely jittery.
  5. Stiff bristles on back. Boars have wider rump than sows do.
Growth Performance Mean ± SD
Birth weight 0.64±0.17 Kg
Body weight at 1-week of age 1.34±0.34 Kg
Body weight at 2-week of age 2.07±0.65 Kg
Body weight at 3-week of age 3.16±0.75 Kg
Body weight at 4-week of age 4.26±0.79 Kg
Body weight at 8-week of age 7.99±2.82 Kg
Body weight at 12-week of age 14.31±3.10 Kg
Body weight at 16-week of age 23.60±5.14 Kg
Survival rate at 3-week of age 73.0±23.0 H
Survival rate at 8-week of age 68.5±24.4 H
Survival rate at 12-week of age 68.5±24.4 H
Survival rate at 16-week of age 68.5±24.4 H
Backfat thickness at 90 Kg alive wt. - cm
Feed conversion from 30 to 90 Kg BW@ - Feed/Gain
Dressing percentage - H
Lean percentage - H
Performance Mean ± SD
Gestation length - days
Number of teats at left 5.51±0.58 teats
Number of teats at right 5.36±0.55 teats
Frquency for pigs with12 teats@@ - H
Litter size at birth 8.8±2.2 heads
Sex ratio at birth]male:female^ -
Litter size born alive - heads
Litter size at 3-week of age 6.8±2.6 heads
Litter size at 8-week of age 6.1±2.3 heads
Litter weight at birth 5.66±3.13 Kg
Litter weight at 3-week of age 18.00±8.70 Kg
Litter weight at 8-week of age 50.03±31.14 Kg

Living Habits

  1. Piglets are very senstive when they are stimulated by environmental factors.
  2. Both boars and sows are mature early and have mounting behavior.
  3. Most sows have good mothering ability in term of potection piglets away from danger.
  4. Pigs are alert to moving objects during sexual intercourse and stop immediately.
  5. Piglets have glossy skin.


Body Temperature

Rectal temperature at birth 38.51±1.54J
Rectal temperature at 8-week of age 39.59±0.43J
Rectal temperature at 12-week of age@@ 40.43±0.50J



RBC counts at birth 3.20±0.92 106/ul
RBC counts at 8-week of age 3.72±0.72 106/ul
RBC counts at 12-week of age 4.52±0.31 106/ul
WBC counts at 8-week of age 919±346/ul
WBC counts at 12-week of age 1076±437/ul
WBC counts after 12-week old 873±193/ul
Hemoglobin at birth 8.10±3.26 g/dl
Hemoglobin at 8-week of age 9.39±2.04 g/dl
Hemoglobin at 12-week of age 12.28±1.67 g/dl
Hemogiobin after 12-week old 11.45±1.42 g/dl
Blood glucose at birth 88.33±39.83 mg/dl
Blood glucose at 8-week of age 101.43±26.09 mg/dl
Blood glucose at 12-week of age@@ 92.58±28.38 mg/dl
Blood glucose after 12-week old 102.75±45.10 mg/dl