Lanyu Small-Ear Miniature Pig



Location of Conservation: Taitung Breeding Animal Propagation Station
Taiwan Livestock Research Institute
Taitung, Taiwan
Republic of China
Tel: 886-89-224634
Fax: 886-89-225380
Contributor: Mr. Wen-Zheng Cheng


Visible Characteristics

1.Small ears with erect,prick-type
2.Long face, few wrinkles
3.Solid black coat color with glossy skin and short hair
4.Small in size and tail hangs down
Growth Performance Mean ± SD
Birth weight 0.67±0.13 Kg
Body weight at 4-week of age 3.23±0.75 Kg
Body weight at 8-week of age 5.49±1.85 Kg
Body weight at 6-month of age 19.38±7.74 Kg
Body weight at 1-year of age 45.62±10.45 Kg
Survival rate at 3-week of age 85H
Survival rate at 8-week of age 80H
Backfat thickness 50 Kg alive wt. - cm
Feed conversion from 10 to 50 Kg BW@ 3.18±0.15 Feed/Gain
Dressing percentage - H
Lean percentage - H
Performance Mean ± SD
Gestation length 114±3 days
Number of teats at left 5.8±0.2 teats
Number of teats at right 5.9±0.2 teats
Frquency for pigs with 12 teats@ - H
Litter size at birth 8.10±2.87 heads
Sex ratio at birth ]male:female^ 1.25 : 1.00
Litter size born alive 7.09±2.74 heads
Litter size at 3-week of age 6.03±2.73 heads
Litter size at 8-week of age 5.70±2.31 heads


Measurements Mean ± SD
Body length]the distance from the 84.1±3.99
middle point between two earheads
to tailhead^
Withers height]the distance from 50.5±2.48
shoulder-blades to ground^
Head length]the distance from the 27.9±1.60
middle point between two earheads
to tip of nose^
Head width]the widest area over the@ 10.9±0.51
top of eyes^
Number of ribs 14 pairs]10th to 14th ribs free to the sternum^



Number of chromosomes: 19 pairs]18+XY, 18+XX^
1 - 7:Submetacentric chromosome
8 - 12:Metacentric chromosome
13 - 18:Telocentric chromosome
X: Meta-submetacentric chromosome
Y: Metacentric chromosome

Living Habits

1.Can be raised in the rocky area and females build nests in holes after giving birth.
2.Early mature and both sexes show mating behavior
3.Less prolific but good nursing ability
4.Roughage tolerance. Active and alert.


Tooth Structure

I-C-P-M : 3-1-4-3