Taoyuan Pig



Location of Conservation: Taiwan Livestock Research Institute
112 Farm Road
Hsinhus, Tainan 71210 Taiwan
Republic of China
Tel: 886-6-5911211
Fax: 886-6-5911210
Contributor: Mr. Der-Yuh Lin


Visible Characteristics

1.Broad,flat face. Large, floopy ears. Large nostrils
2.Marked wrinkles over entire body with short neck
3.Less marked wrinkles at peripubertal period with hanging belly
4.Tail Hangs stright down
5.Stiff bristles on back and hairless over the side of body
6.Cloven hoof in contact with ground
7.Thick, folded skins in boar
8.Marked wrinkles in sow after farrowing and nursing
9.Medium size compared to occidental breeds
10.Broad forehead with deep horizontal and vertical wrinkles
11.Mature early and gregarious
12.Prolific and docile


Growth Performance Mean ± SD
Birth weight 0.8±0.2 Kg
Body weight at 3-week of age 3.0±0.6 Kg
Body weight at 8-week of age 10.1±2.2 Kg
Body weight at 6-month of age 48.0±10.9 Kg
Body weight at 1-year of age 94.6±14.5 Kg
Survival rate at 3-week of age 84H
Survival rate at 8-week of age 79H
Backfat thickness at 90 Kg alive wt. 4.19±0.12 cm
Feed conversion from 30 to 90 Kg BW@ 4.59±0.18 Feed/Gain
Dressing percentage 81H
Lean percentage 40H
Performance Mean ± SE
Gestation length 116±1 days
Number of teats at left 5.9±0.7 teats
Number of teats at rigth 6.0±0.6 teats
Frquency for pigs with 12 teats@@ 19.2 H
Litter size at birth 11.3±2.8 heads
Sex ratio at birth]male:female^ 1.13 : 1.00
Litter size born alive 8.6±2.9 heads
Litter size at 3-week of age 7.2±2.7 heads
Litter size at 8-week of age 6.8±2.6 heads
Measurements Mean ± SE
Body length]the distance from the 113.3±7.8 cm
@middle point between two earheads
@to tailhead^
Withers height]the distance from 58.0±3.7 cm
@shoulder-blades to ground^
Chest girth]the circumference of chest@ 103.3±6.6 cm
@which measured over back shoulder and@
Rump width]the widest area over the 28.1±2.2 cm rump^
Number of ribs 13 or 14 pairs

Number of chromosomes: 19 pairs]18XYA18XX^

1 - 7: Submetacentric chromosome
8 - 12: Metacentric chromosome
3 - 18: Telocentric chromosome
X: Meta-submetacentric chromosome
Y: Metacentric chromosome

Origin and Location

The Taoyuan pig is named due to a famous breed at the
Taoyuan area and is a local breed of
Taiwan. Pigs are mainly distributed in northwestern area of Taiwan.