Black Goat



Location of Conservation: Hwalien Breeding Animal Propagation Station
Taiwan Livestock Research Institute
Hwalien, Taiwan
Republic of China
Tel: 886-38-525901
Fax: 886-38-523874
Contributor: Mr. I-Chang Shih


Visible Characteristics

  1. Coat color is solid black or dark brown with no white spots.
  2. Small in size. Move quickly.
  3. Both sexes have beards at mature.
  4. Horns grow toward back and edging out. Most of bucks are active.
  5. Heat tolerance. Gregarious. Good maternal behavior.
  6. Accept coarse food.

Growth Performance

Birth weight: 2.02±0.30 Kg in male; 1.71±0.40 Kg in female
Litter weight with single kid: 2.17±0.40 Kg
Litter weight with twin kids: 3.95±0.60 Kg
Litter weight with triple kids: 5.5±0.9 Kg
Body weight at 3-month old: 11.2±3.2 Kg (M) ; 10.1±1.2 Kg (F)
ADG before 3 monthes old: 0.102±0.017 Kg (M) ; 0.091±0.018 Kg (F)
Yearing weight: 2023 Kg


Reproductive Performance

Age at first conception: 242±19 days
Gestation length: 147±1 days
Farrowing interval: 221±13 days
Kidding rate by 100 does: 174H
Singling rate: 41.94H
Twinning rate: 51.62H
Tripling rate: 3.22H
Quadrupling rate: 3.22H
Survival rate at weaning 75.08H


Conformation Measurements

Yearing body length: 4851 cm
Yearing withers height: 4648 cm
Yearing chest girth: 5963 cm