Nature Resources of Animal Production in Taiwan

A. Importance of Conservation of Animal Resources

  1. Assembling and maintaining germplasm of farm animals are special to food production locally.
  2. Sharing and utilizing the genetic diversity of economic traits are beneficial to the breeders.
  3. Developing and intergrating the gene resources of native and exotic breeds are creative to the scientific perspective.
  4. Gathering and acknowleging intellectual observations of our ancestors on these native animals are large tasks as the historical mission to perserve them for future generations.

B. Status of Native Breeds and Place of Conservation


C. Methods for Conservation and Utilization

  1. Propagation with a small population.
  2. Cryopreservation of sperm and embryo.
  3. Intercrossing with exotic breeds.
  4. Collections on their growth, reproduction and living habits.

D. Protocol on Germplasm Conservation in Taiwan