Yellow Cattle, Taiwan Zebu



Locating of Conservation: Hengchun Research Station

Taiwan Livestock Research Institute

1 Ranch Road,Kenting


Republic of China

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Contributor: Mr. Shang-Hsiang Wen,Mr. Kuang-Fuh Lee







Visible Characteristics

  1. Pictures marked with'*', cattles were obtained from Golden-Gate island.
  2. Coat color varied with yellow, red, brown, black and gray al fig.
  3. Bull has larger pointed shoulder than cow has.
  4. Cow has a small horn-base with sweptfore, crescent- shaped horns. Bull has a large sweptout, crescent- shaped horns. Hornbase with coarse and ring-type wrinkles.
  5. Small, thin ears but not hanging.
  6. Black snout with light black at edge.
  7. Bull prepuce is short and not droop .
  8. Tip of tail dark brown or black . Belly, inside of legs and rearside of hindlegs are paler than the rest of the body.

Growth Performance

Birth weight: 23.46±4.50 Kg in male; 20.71±3.12 Kg in female
Body length at birth: 58.77±4.52 cm in male; 55.18±3.19 cm in female
Whithers height at birht: 64±4 cm in male; 63±3 cm in female
Hip height at birht: 66±4 cm in male; 65±3 cm in female
Chest girth at birht: 65±5 cm in male; 62±4 cm in female
Body weight at weaning]205 days old^: 130±36 Kg (M) ; 122±30 Kg (F)
Hip height at weaning: 97±5 cm (M) ; 96±6 cm (F)
Scrotal circumference at weaning: 16.87±3.84 cm
Yearing weight: 223 Kg in male; 218 Kg in female
Feed conversion]gain/dry feed^: 0.096 Kg in male; 0.079 Kg in female


Reproductive Performance

Age at puberty: 421±64 days Body weight at first parity: 310±43 Kg
Mature weight of cows: 393±63 Kg
Length of estrous cycle: 2026 days Gostation length: 285±4 days


Milk Production

Length of lactation: 200210 days Daily milk yield: 2.7 Kg
Milk fat: 5.0H protein:4.36H Lactose: 4.34H Acidity: 0.14H
Milk pH: 6.1 gravity: 1.033


Living Habits

Docile,heat tolerance, accept coarse food and tick-resistant