Training Workshop on Assisted Reproductive Technologies for Livestock Genetic Improvement

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Symposia Program


Artificial reproductive technology in goats/ Dr. J. C. Huang (黃分所長政齊)

Preparation technology for porcine frozen semen/ Dr. C. M. Wang (王助理研究員錦盟)

Artificial insemination technology in native chickens/ Dr. Y. F. Lin (林副研究員義福)

Artificial insemination technology in ducks/ Dr. S. C. Liu (劉主任秀洲)

Artificial insemination technology in geese/ Ms. M. J. Lin (林助理研究員旻蓉)

Lab course: Preparation of native chicken frozen semen/ Ms. H. L. Lin (林助理研究員秀蓮), Ms. J. C. Chen (陳若菁小姐)

Embryo transfer and in vitro fertilization – new development and field applications in developing countries/ Dr. Okeyo Mwai

Porcine mesenchymal stem cells:Comparative characterization and its applications /Dr. Gyu-Jin Rho

Study on porcine stem cells/ Dr. J. R. Yang (楊助理研究員鎮榮)

Somatic cell cloning technology/ Dr. J. W. Shiau (蕭副研究員振文)

Harnessing Biotechnology in Agriculture -A Regional Perspective/ Dr.Karihaloo

Selection and utilization of minipigs for biomedical research/ Mr. H. P. Chu (朱主任賢斌)

Livestock and poultry genetic diversity – global perspective/ Dr. M. C. Wu (吳組長明哲)

Genomics for livestock and poultry genetic improvement Genomic breeding technology in livestock animals/ Dr. M. C. Wu (吳組長明哲)

Genomic breeding technology in native chickens/ Mr. D. Y. Lin (林副研究員德育)