Native Farm Animals (AnGR) of Taiwan and Philippines

Genetic Network for Utilization of Native Farm Animals


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Session I íV Governing AnGR (RP)

Philippines Animal Genetic Resources Management

Mr. Manuel R. Jarmin, Executive Director

Livestock Development Council, DA, Philippines

Session I íV Governing AnGR (TW)

Livestock and Poultry Genetic Diversity íV Global Perspective

Mr, Ming-Che Wu, Division Chief

Division of Breeding and Genetics, Livestock Research Institute

Session II íV Valuing AnGR (TW)

The Diversity of Duck Meat and Egg Products

Mr. Chin Hui Su, Assistance Researcher

Ilan Branch, Livestock Research Institute

Central Testing of Taiwan Game Hen in Growth Performance and Carcass Traits

Ms. Hsiao Yun, Kuo, Assistance Researcher

Hualien Animal Propagation Station, Livestock Research Institute

Session II íV Valuing AnGR (RP)

Research Initiatives of the Academe on the Philippine Animal Genetic Resources Development in the Philippines

Ms. Dr. AgapitaJ. Salces & Prof. VenerandaA. Magpantay

Animal and Dairy Sciences Cluster, College of Agriculture, University of the Philippines Los BAÑOS

Gains from Native Animals Improvement, Promotion and Utilization R&D Investments

Mr. Synan S. Baguio, Asst. Director

Livestock Research Division, PCAARRD