CryoBanking of AnGR 2008


Conservation and utilization of animal genetic resources


September 15~19, 2008



This conference will focus on the effective and efficient handling and documentation of animal genetic resources, i.e. DNA, cells and tissues generated from the various activities involved in AnGR conservation, cryobanking, bioutilization and management.


The key objectives of this conference are as follows:

  1. To provide a venue to discuss the status of documentation activities of the various cryobanks of animal and plant genetic resources in the Asian and Pacific region;
  2. To familiarize the participant with various documentation systems available, germplasm documentation, data analysis and information management for animal genetic resources;
  3. To reinforce the capability of participant on conservation banking techniques, cell freezing methods, data processing, genetic analysis and results interpretation;
  4. To provide a venue to discuss and clarify issues concerning international, regional and national laws and policies of relevance to the conservation and management of AnGR;
  5. To increase the knowledge and understanding of participant on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issues, mechanism of access and benefit sharing governing genetic resources; and
  6. To reinforce the capability of participant in dealing with said issues in relation to Research and Development on AnGR conservation and management.


September 15 (Mon)

09:30 Roundtable discussion on Elite Cow Program and Milk Quality Assurance Program

Hsinchu Branch, Livestock Research Institute (Dairy Research Center) (

11:15 Roundtable discussion on DNA Chip (BioChip) for Cattle Gene Test

DR.Chip Biotech, Inc. (

13:30 Roundtable discussion on Biobanks of Animal Cell Lines

Bioresource Collection and Research Centre, Food Industry Research and Development Institute (

17:00 Roundtable discussion on Boar Semen Supply System

ISO9001 Fortune Boar Semen Station (


September 16 (Tue)

09:00 Roundtable discussion on Laying Duck and Meaty Muscovy Conservation

I-Lan Branch, Livestock Research Institute (Duck Research Center) (

15:00 Roundtable discussion on Buffalo and Goat Conservation

Hualien Animal Propagation Station, Livestock Research Institute (Buffalo Research Center) (


September 17 (Wed)

09:30 Roundtable discussion on Poultry and Wild Bird Conservation

Shin-Kong-Chao-Feng Ranch (

12:50 CryoBanking of AnGR 2008: Opening Ceremony

Shin-Kong-Chao-Feng Ranch (

13:00 CryoBanking of AnGR 2008: Session I V Conservation of AnGR

15:00 CryoBanking of AnGR 2008: Session II V Sperm Sexing and Banking Technology


September 18 (Thu)

09:00 CryoBanking of AnGR 2008: Session III V Governing of AnGR

11:00 CryoBanking of AnGR 2008: Session IV V Cryobiology of Cell and Embryo

13:00 CryoBanking of AnGR 2008: Session V V Utilization and Biosafety

15:00 Field study on Dairy Cattle Production Technique at Rueisuei Township

Rueisuei Dairy Village (

17:30 Field study on Utilization of Food Animals

Hualien Stone Promotion (


September 19 (Fri)

09:30 Roundtable discuss on chemical purified DNA exchange for bioutilization

Shin-Kong-Chao-Feng Ranch (

15:45 Tour at Taiwan Handicraft Promotion Center, Taipei



Project Overseer:

Dr. Ming-Che WU

Division Chief of Breeding and Genetics, Livestock Research Institute, Council of Agriculture

Project Director, Taiwan Animal Germplasm Project

Leader, Genomic Application for Animal Industry Consortium


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